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This Camp is for those athletes who want to put in the extra work to set themselves apart from other players, in doing so gaining an advantage over their competitors.


Roger Darnell Henry Jr. Bio

My name is Coach Henry with Elite Athletic Training and the role I will be playing is two fold. The First Role is in Coaching and the Second is in Motivation.

My background is in customer service, with experience in serving our Bakersfield Community for the last 20 years in the Automobile Industry, where I maintained 97% service index score for 20 long and challenging years. My intention is to serve your children in the same manner with excellence in service, taking customer service seriously by bringing my experience of training to the team. I use my experience from the sales force and transition it onto the field.

Coaching and motiving others into becoming more prepared, in better shape and equipped to be ready to work as well as being prepared for life.

I am excite to work with your children, preparing them for life as well as on the field from their perspective sports.

My other qualification and responsibility as an Elder of a church, Greater Harvest Christian Center here in Bakersfield CA, where I am the Superintendent of Sunday School, in which I play a prominent role aiding in the educational role in teaching the Word of God.

My goal is to bring a mental edge and focus, inspiring our team and our clients, by bringing energy, excitement and an enthusiastic approach.

I am Committed to bringing a great attitude and creating a 'No Negativity Zone' as the road map and foundational piece to our camp.

Success and hard work will be the result in this exciting time along our journey.

Steve Wofford Bio

My name is Steve Wofford born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. Graduated from Bakersfield High School in 1995. I received a football scholarship to attend SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY A&M. I attended for 4 years and Majored in Physical Education.

While attending BHS I recieved:

  • Parade All-American First Team
  • First Team All State as a Senior
  • First Team All State as a Junior
  • Sophomore of the year in the state
  • All time leading rusher in the Valley
  • All time leading Touchdowns in the state

While attending Southern University I recieved:

  • Newcomer of the year as a Sophomore
  • First Team All Conference as a Junior
  • First Team All Conference as a Senior
  • All Time Leading Rusher in school's history
  • Paul Duffey Award Winner as the top leading running back in Black College Football

I was drafted by the St Louis Rams in 1999. But was released.

I play Arena Football for the Bakersfield Blitz in 2000 lead the team with over 1200 receiving yards, 100 catches and 31 touchdowns.

The reason WHY I chose this profession is simple. I want to help make a difference in my community. My passion is to help young athletes reach the highest level in sports with the knowledge I have learned over my years in sports. Sports teaches us how to deal with adversity in many ways. Which is comparable to real life situations in a lot of cases. I love my town And I would do anything to give back in a positive way. This is how I want to be remembered. This is my calling and I want to maximize this great opportunity I have in front of me.

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